Our Technology

BCH has a large cluster of servers hosted securely within the Vodafone Network, providing the necessary connectivity and resources for their IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, Payment Processing and Web Services.

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Network connectivity

• ISDN – BCH have a large number of 2Mbit, (E1/TDM) links.
• SS7 (C7) –Interconnect used to host more advanced network services, like indirect access.
• VoIP –  Dual Resilient SIP connection to Vodafone National IP Interconnect (NIPI) over Gigabit network connections.
Internet – Multiple, resilient, high-speed, dual links for hosting Web, SMS and other Internet based services.

IVR systems BCH operate a large cluster of IVRs utilising BCH’s own programmable IVR software with its own programming environment. The Cluster is provisioned conservatively to ensure that there are always resources available.
SMS systems Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET applications underpin BCH’s connections to multiple SMS networks and aggregators.
Internal Network A highly resilient dual gigabit internal network based on Cisco switches and firewalls provides the core connectivity between servers.
Database, File and Application Servers Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and other Enterprise level Microsoft Server packages are at the heart of all BCH services. Marathon everRun and Xen Hypervisor VMs provide clustering and resilience.

Real time statistics detailing call throughput (calculated from the first call processed made in September 2001) via BCH Digital’s IVR Technology

Total Volume of SMS messages sent from our SMS gateway (calculated from the first SMS sent in September 2004)